Lucknowi Chicken Biryani

  • ₹ 600 per 500 gm (1 kg serves 5-6)

Biryani is a rich delicacy, prepared by layering rice and meat together with a fine blend of spices. In Lucknow, the ‘khansamas’ (cooks) developed a method of cooking where all the ingredients are carefully selected to give a mild and balanced flavour, and are finely ground, so that the resulting ‘masala’ (mixture of spices) is thoroughly smooth and even. The onions are fried to a perfect brown, or ‘biryan’ as is the traditional term, in which the meat is cooked to a precise tenderness, and layered with par-boiled basmati rice. Then it is allowed to cook on ‘dum’ (the vessel is sealed and cooked over very low flame) which allows the ingredients to let out their juices and the flavours to intermingle. It is high on flavour but easy on the palate.

This biryani is deliciously aromatic and truly nawabi, which is served with raita (curd mixed with mild spices and dominant garlic flavour).

Minimum order for biryani is 1kg.