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Humbled to be featured as an 'SME Inspiration' on the wonderful platform Global Linker.

Ta'am was honoured to be reviewed by renewed food critic, Mr. Rahul Verma, in 'The Hindu' newspaper on 10th February, 2018.

Ta'am featured as "an innovative food-on-order service" in the February 2017 edition of the Deakin University (Australia) Alumnus


Excellent review by food blogger Bombay Bhukkad in September 2017.

An exhilarating response at the first public appearance of Ta'am in 'The Grand Saree Fair' at Dastkar Nature Bazaar in September 2017.


Very encouraging feedbacks from our customers at the 'Grand Saree Fair' at Dastkaar Nature Bazaar, September 2017. 

The 'Festival of Lights' at Dastkar Nature Bazaar in October 2017 was thrilling for Ta'am with wonderful response from visitors and shop-owners!