Ta'am is an endeavour to keep alive the true flavours of the traditional Awadhi 'dastarkhwan' (spread) by introducing the classical home cooked 'lazeez' (delicious) recipes to the food connoisseurs of Delhi NCR.

Food- its selection, cooking and serving, has always defined an important part of the culture and heritage of every society. The trademark, 'nafasat' and 'nazakat' (priciosity and elegance) of Lucknow, are reflected very closely in the regional cuisine. Be it the careful selection of each constituent, the precision in proportioning of condiments, the fineness of grinding, the delicate dicing and slicing, and even the gradual method of cooking (dum), all goes a long way to add subtlety and delicacy to the final preparation.

The close connection of the cultures & traditions of Lucknowi Nawabs and Nizams of Hyderabad tempted us to indulge in a few Hyderabadi dishes as well.

The perfect harmony that was prevalent in society in those days is reflected in the food. Despite the fact that a number of ingredients are added, each is perfectly balanced such that none overpowers the other and maintains its uniqueness to enhance the flavour of the dish.